Ipswich gambling addict banned from amusement arcade after damaging machine

Gambling addict damaged machine

Gambling addict damaged machine

A gambling addict flew into a rage and damaged a £1,000 fruit machine after losing money at an Ipswich amusement arcade, a court has heard.

Ipswich magistrates banned Lubomir Kroscen from Palace Amusements in Upper Brook Street after he admitted criminal damage.

The 31-year-old, who had previously got bookmakers in the town to ban him from their shops, was ordered to pay £750 compensation to the arcade.

The offence occurred on August 4.

Prosecutor Ian Allen said a member of staff at the Upper Brook Street premises noticed Kroscen, of London Road, Ipswich - who was known to him - enter the premises at around 11pm and play on a machine.

The court was told the staff member took a decision to ask Kroscen to leave. As he did so he punched the machine in a fit of temper, smashing the glass screen.

Police were called and Kroscen was arrested during a search of the area.

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Mr Allen said Kroscen told police he had lost a significant amount of money – around £50 to £60 – in one of the machines and had got frustrated as it was not giving him a chance to win his cash back.

Kroscen felt this was not fair so he punched the machine, causing an injury to his knuckles.

Magistrates heard Kroscen was given a conditional discharge on February 23 for an offence of shoplifting at the Co-op in High Street, Felixstowe.

Lyndon Davies, representing Kroscen, said: “He is someone who had previously had a gambling problem at various bookmakers.

“That, in a way, has been resolved because he got himself some counselling and more particularly he got himself, by arrangement, banned by all bookmakers in Ipswich.”

Magistrates gave Kroscen a 12-month community order which banned him from entering Palace Amusements. In addition to paying compensation he must also pay £40 costs.