Revealed: What people in Ipswich Googled the most in 2019

Most Googled terms in Ipswich in 2019. From left to right: Greggs, Ed Sheeran, Rod Stewart concert,

Most Googled terms in Ipswich in 2019. From left to right: Greggs, Ed Sheeran, Rod Stewart concert, Children in Need. Picture: ARCHANT/ZAKARY WALTERS/DANIELLE BOODEN/MICHELLE LAMB. - Credit: ARCHANT/ZAKARY WALTERS/DANIELLE BOODEN/MICHELLE LAMB

We rely on Google for everything these days and most of us couldn’t imagine life without it – but what were the people of Ipswich searching for in 2019?

It's the start of another new year (and a new decade), and with that comes the chance to look back at the year's best and worst bits.

There have been a number of things to reflect on in Ipswich - with live performances by Ed Sheeran and Rod Stewart, to the controversial 'Cornhenge' and of course the huge political shake up which saw Ipswich return to blue in the December General Election.

Not only have local issues been at the forefront of everyone's minds (and Google searches) - but so have a number of national news stories and trends.

Here are the 19 most searched for terms on Google in Ipswich - meaning they have seen the biggest increase compared to 2018.

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What do you make of the list?

19) champions league fixtures

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It is arguably one of the biggest trophies in the world, and every year it brings in a huge interest for British football fans.

18) charity shops ipswich

This could be for one of two reasons - firstly due to the number of charity shops closing down in the town, or maybe more people are looking to go bargain hunting?

Let's hope for the later of the two.

17) line of duty

A UK-wide TV hit that people in Ipswich evidently tuned into - and I was one of them.

If you binged the entire series and think you know the show inside out, you can test your knowledge in our Line of Duty quiz.16) greggs near me

With the vegan sausage rolls creating a buzz in 2019, it's no surprise to see Greggs is so popular on the list.

15) the umbrella academy

A new Netflix release which apparently the people of Ipswich are fond of.

According to Netflix it is a modern adaption of Gerard Way's comic book series and was reportedly one of their most watched releases of 2019 - impressive.

14) wizard of oz

The film is a timeless classic and 2019 celebrated its 80th anniversary.

13) it chapter 2

Again it's another new release - which may emphasise how much the people of Ipswich love their films and TV.

12) catherine the great

Another new drama, this time starring Helen Mirren who plays the life of Catherine the Great toward the end of her reign during her affair with Grigory Potemkin. Scandal.

11) minimum wage 2019

Hoorah - this is definitely worth shouting about.

From April 1 2019 the National Living Wage jumped to £8.21 an hour. The minimum wage for those aged 16-24 also rose, along with the pay for apprentices. A step in the right direction.

10) rod stewart ipswich

Thousands rocked out to Rod Stewart at Portman Road - you can see pictures here.

9) ed sheeran ipswich

And it really is no surprise to see the Suffolk superstar in the ninth spot. His homecoming gigs in Chantry Park pulled in crowds of 40,000 people per night.

Here's what we thought of his Friday night show.8) rugby world cup

It's a shame we didn't win. But Ipswich lad Lewis Ludlam was named in the 31-man squad to represent England in Japan - after growing up and being taught to play the sport at St Joseph's College where he was a student.

7) clip and climb ipswich

Ipswich became home to the biggest Clip 'n Climb centre in the world when it opened its doors in July 2019. Here we took a sneak peek inside.

6) cricket world cup

The whole world tuned in - including Ipswich.

5) children in need

Billions of pounds were raised across Suffolk and Ipswich for Children in Need - including penny collections and painting nails in a sunshine yellow colour.

4) joe sugg instagram

Youtuber Joe Sugg may not have won Strictly Come Dancing, but he sure found something to celebrate.

The social media star confirmed his relationship online with his professional dance partner Dianne Buswell - the 'Strictly Curse' strikes again...but this time they were both single.

3) why were corn flakes invented?

It really is one of life's biggest questions.

2) ksi vs logan paul 2

Apparently it was a professional boxing match between British Youtuber KSI and American Youtuber Logan Paul - who knew?

1) old town road

Is the song still stuck in your head? No? Well it is now.

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