Ipswich: Harrison, four, let loose in toy store – with �1,000 to spend!

IPSWICH: All his Christmases came at once when Harrison Mann was given free rein in a giant toy store – and �1,000 to spend!

The four-year-old snapped up a dressing up set, a special powers ‘omnitrix’ watch and a full cast of aliens, taking him one step closer to his cartoon hero Ben 10.

“It was a bit manic, Harrison loved it but I don’t think it will sink in until tomorrow,” said mum Theresa Mann after Saturday’s marathon shopping spree at the Toys ‘R’ Us superstore in Ipswich.

Harrison, a pupil at Clifford Road Primary School, won the haul of toys in a competition run by Cartoon Network.

Mrs Mann, of Melville Road, Ipswich, explained: “He created a new alien called Shrinkwrap. He described it and his sister Molly sent off the e-mail for him.

“Harrison has a really good imagination. His alien shrinks all the others, and then wraps them up.

“It can also fly and swim, so basically it can beat all the others.”

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Not wanting to hog the glory, Harrison shared his prize with Molly, 12, and younger brother Alfie, two.

“The trolley was overflowing – they were just throwing things in.

“We are going to try and keep some things back for Christmas because otherwise we won’t know what to get them,” said his mum.

“We only spent half the money, so we will go back at a later stage and spend more.”

Harrison and an army of his friends were also treated to a private tour of the Ben 10 adventure, made up of a series of tunnels set up in the car park of the London Road store over the weekend.

Anna Basanko, who ran the mission, said the Ben 10 experience had been open to the public throughout the day, until Harrison’s arrival.

“We are bringing the new series, The Ultimate Alien, to people around the country.

“We set the children a mission to save Ben who has been captured by aliens.

“They are briefed by the flight crew and then taken on baord the simulator where they get to see exclusive footage,” she said.

Once they have saved the star of one of the most popular cartoons of the moment, the children are then met by Ben’s alter ego.

This proved the highlight for little Harrison who was in his element.

Mrs Mann said: “He absolutely loved it. He is a massive fan.

“He especially liked meeting the character at the end and we all liked the simulator, that was great.”

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