Ipswich: It’s Swan Lake!

IPSWICH: There’s a new trio in town – and they’ve been swanning around their new home in Christchurch Park.

As the wintry chill sets in, a family of beautiful swans have arrived at the Round Pond in the picturesque park – the first to set up home there in years.

The mother and father have been busy watching their young cygnet spreading his wings on the water as they rummage around the area in search of a steady food supply to see them through the frosty months.

After arriving at the park on Monday, visitors have watched in awe as the family get used to their new habitat.

Sam Pollard, park manager, said the trio had gone down a treat among park users.

He said they are the first family of swans to set up camp in the park for sometime.

“Interestingly in the past few months we had a few visits from a single swan but now we have a whole family swimming about,” he said.

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“The mother swan has slightly different feathers to the father, and then there is their little ugly duckling – but he is actually quite a good looking swan.”

Mr Pollard, 37, said he believed the family had travelled from the Waterfront – a popular nesting place for birds – in search of a more ready supply of food during the winter months.

He added: “Swans don’t tend to fly south compared to other birds, they always seem to be pretty happy with the weather conditions here in the UK.

“They seem to be well at home at the Round Pond. I think they are quite happy in their surroundings and that is always great to see.

“These ones have clearly left the Waterfront in search of more food, and with their long necks they can easily have a rummage around.

“I don’t think they will be here for long but while they are we will definitely make the most of it.

“Visitors are really enjoying having them here, I don’t think we have had a family of swans here for many years – it makes for a fantastic site.”

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