Ipswich: ITFC fan thanks Blues’ stewards who saved his life

IPSWICH: An Ipswich Town fan who collapsed without a pulse three times at Portman Road, has today thanked the Blues stewards and friends who saved his life.

As Ben Sutton was leaving Saturday’s 3-2 win over Peterborough United at about 6pm, he passed out without a heartbeat beneath the South Stand.

Close friend and boss Damian Brennan was with the 21-year-old, and together with his father Sean Brennan, resuscitated Ben, giving him mouth-to-mouth twice before help arrived.

Ipswich Town chief steward Ron Lamb and his colleague Kevin Widdick, both 55, arrived at the scene and after discovering Ben’s heart had stopped again, the pair administered CPR for around four minutes until paramedics reached the ground.

Thanking all those who worked to save his life, Ben, who lives in Claydon, said: “I can remember the end of the match but then the next thing I can remember is being in the ambulance.

“The doctors did lots of tests but couldn’t find anything wrong. I just want to thank everyone that was there. Without them I wouldn’t be here today.”

Mr Brennan, 25, who runs a heating company, added: “It was pretty scary, all that was going through my head was that we had to save him.

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“He said he wasn’t feeling well and the next thing I knew he had collapsed. I gave him mouth-to-mouth and then it happened again and my dad resuscitated him.

“We got his heart going again but he collapsed again as the stewards got to us. It was awful, I am just glad he is alright.”

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