Ipswich: Labour to hand over bus station toilets petition

Old Cattle Market Bus Station in Ipswich

Old Cattle Market Bus Station in Ipswich - Credit: Archant

Members of the Ipswich Labour Party are to hand over a petition demanding toilets are provided at the town’s Old Cattle Market bus station tomorrow.

The bus station recently opened after an expensive re-fit but many passengers have complained about the lack of toilet facilities at Ipswich’s long distance bus station.

County councillor with responsibility for transport Graham Newman said previously: “The decision not to rebuild public toilet facilities was taken in light of the previous toilets being burnt down.

“That said, I have received a large amount of correspondence on this issue so I have instructed officers to review the decision.”

Labour collected more than 1,000 signatures from bus passengers across the county calling for new toilets to be installed.

Most passengers backed the call for toilets but warned against placing them where the previous toilets were located at the back of the bus station, fearing that they would suffer from vandalism and drugs use.

Passengers and bus drivers at the Old Cattle Market have also highlighted other issues with the new bus station.

The shelter for the Felixstowe bus is not long enough so passengers sometimes have to wait out in the wind and rain.

And not enough clear signs telling people it is a no smoking area – leading to some passengers lighting up illegally in the shelters.

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Labour Parliamentary Candidate David Ellesmere said: “It is important that the County Council installs toilets at the Old Cattle Market but also that it addresses a whole list of other defects that we have uncovered.

“A lot of money has been spent on this bus station but the impression of most people who use it is that it is worse now than it was before.”

The county council has already started to look at whether toilets can be provided at the Old Cattle Market and is expected to make a final decision in the new year.

Cabinet member for transport Graham Newman said: “We announced in October that we were reviewing the decision not to include public toilets in the Old Cattle Market refurbishment. This work is currently underway and we will report back in the new year.

“As for the other points made about the station, it’s important to remember that we reopened it before it was completed because we, Ipswich Central and others wanted to get the temporary bus stops off the street and the buses back to where they belong as soon as possible.

“This helped to cut congestion, make it easier for people to find their buses and meant other roadworks could be started, and finished, by 15 November.

“Many of the points raised are already being addressed as part of the final stages of completing the station refurbishment.”