Ipswich: Let’s put a stop to the pots!

IPSWICH: It’s expected that a record number of potholes will be blighting roads and pavements very soon.

And to help combat that prediction we’re relaunching our Spot the Pot campaign - encouraging you to report sightings of the mini craters.

Last year we received dozens of reports of holes from Ipswich and the surrounding area which we then passed on to Suffolk County Council for their maintenance teams to repair.

The heavy snow and ice this month has left many roads in a perilous state – meaning potholes are more likely to form.

We want you to send us details of any potholes you spot on your travels and we’ll pass the details on to the local authorities.

Nigel Pickover, editor of the Evening Star, said: “We’ve had another harsh winter and if potholes are not filled we run the risk of fatal accidents happening.

“We want you to tell us where and when you spot them. We’ll then compile a dossier and hand it to those in power.”

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Potholes are formed by water penetrating the asphalt surface of the road through cracks caused by traffic.

When temperatures plunge, the water freezes, expands and causes the surface to rupture.

When the ice melts, it leaves a void below the surface, which caves in under the stress of vehicles and eventually forms a pothole.

Yesterday we reported how the road maintenance website Potholes.co.uk had predicted that the start of next year could see the “worst ever” number of potholes forming across the country.

Suffolk’s road champion Councillor Guy McGregor said: “Where significant potholes are identified by our highways officers or they are reported to us, we will repair them as quickly as possible.”

n If you spot a pothole, give us a call, send us an e-mail or a picture to tell us where the hole is located – if possible with a post code. Call our newsdesk on 01473 324788 or send an e-mail to starnews@evening star.co.uk

n The weather forecast for today is for sleet with temperatures of around 1C. On Friday, conditions should improve slightly with sunny intervals and temperatures of around 2C.

n For some wonderful snowy scenes captured around the county this week turn to page 16