Ipswich: Lost First bus drivers ask passengers for directions

PASSENGERS have had to guide drivers on new First Eastern Counties services around the east of the town, it has emerged.

Buses have taken wrong turnings, resulting in passengers telling drivers how to return to the correct route.

One passenger who had to step in was Bryan Frost, who was travelling from his home in Felixstowe to Ipswich.

He said: “The route changed to go round Ransome’s Europark and on the first day the driver missed a turn. Two or three of us from upstairs had to rush down and tell the driver how to get back on course.

“The driver was very nice and grateful for the help but I was surprised the company had not taken them through the route first.”

However, a spokeswoman for First said they were not aware of any problems with the new services around the east of the town.

She said: “Our Felixstowe services are not routed through Ransome’s, they by-pass the estate and then serve the Holiday Inn.

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“All drivers who were operating the new routes on Monday were fully aware of the routes before the commencement.

“Copies of the new registrations were provided to Ipswich drivers five weeks prior to the launch date and maps and guidance notes were produced for all staff by the local manager.

“Prior to the services changing on July 29, two Sundays were allocated as ‘learning days’ so drivers had the chance to learn the new routes on the bus.”

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