Ipswich: Man forced to pay £853 to court after refusing to clear up dog mess

Graffiti artist Scott King who was fined after not clearing up after his dog.

Graffiti artist Scott King who was fined after not clearing up after his dog. - Credit: Archant

A strong warning has been issued today to dog owners who don’t clear up their pet’s mess after a man has been forced to pay a £853 court bill.

Scott King, of Hatfield Road, Ipswich, refused to clean up after his dog twice in one week and was found guilty in his absence by magistrates, who fined him £450 and ordered him to pay costs of £403.

Ipswich Borough Council’s deputy leader claimed the case sends a clear message to irresponsible dog owners that this behaviour will not be tolerated.

The court was told that King had walked off after his bull terrier fouled the edge of the pavement in Fore Street on January 2. When challenged by Ipswich Borough Council enforcement officers, King was abusive but eventually gave his name and address.

The council sent 39-year-old King a £50 fixed penalty notice but no payment was received during the required 14-day period.

Seven days after the first offence an enforcement officer witnessed King’s dog foul in Murray Park on January 9. The court heard that King again walked away without clearing up the mess.

However, when he was challenged he agreed to return to clear it up with a carrier bag. He admitted it was the second time in a week he had been caught but then gave a false address.

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The council discovered King’s proper address and he was prosecuted but failed to attend court.

Ipswich magistrates found the case proved in his absence and fined King a total of £450. He was also ordered to pay £403 costs to the council.

King refused to comment when The Star contacted him.

Following the hearing the borough’s deputy leader Neil Macdonald said: “We hope this sends a strong message out to the small minority of irresponsible dog owners who don’t clear up their pets mess: this is anti-social and disgusting behaviour which won’t be tolerated. Clear up or you could face a hefty fine.”

Chairman of Ipswich south east neighbourhood watch sceheme Tony Spall said: “There is no excuse for dog fouling. We actively condone fining people if they ignore the law.”

Figures released by the borough council show just 24 people were hit with financial penalties after they were caught leaving their dog’s mess on the streets of Ipswich during the last four years.

But the vast majority of culprits who failed to pick up after their canines between 2009 and 2012 never paid up. Of those who received a £50 fine, only seven came forward to pay up.

To report incidents visit www.ipswich.gov.uk or call the Cleaner Ipswich hotline on 01473 433000.

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