Ipswich: Minibus firm owner warns constant fuel hikes may send companies under

IPSWICH: The owner of an Ipswich minibus firm has warned that businesses could go to the wall unless a reduction on fuel duty is made.

Fred Day, owner of P&F Executive Minibus, has urged the Government to slash the current duty on diesel after seeing his operating costs increase.

Mr Day says he has been forced to put up fares as a result of the hike in prices and wants to see a 25pence reduction imposed.

He said: “This is having a big effect on us. Our diesel costs since the turn of the year have gone up and up.

“This, combined with the increase in VAT, has seen our expenditure increase by 15 to 20 per cent – which is a massive rise.

“We’ve had no choice but to raise prices and I’m sure that other companies will be forced into doing the same.

“In my view, if the Government doesn’t make a duty cut that’s reasonable, then we’ll see a number of businesses, big and small, going to the wall.”

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Mr Day added that the fuel hike was beginning to affect more and more people.

He said: “If you’re paying more to have your goods and services delivered, you can bet your life prices will go up and up.

“And that affects everybody. Whether you are a driver, a business owner or simply paying for your weekly shopping.

“I accept that cuts have to be made – some are necessary but others are not and this falls into that category.

“If there is a genuine feeling in Westminster to get the country moving again, a 25pence reduction on the duty would be a massive boost to all.”

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