Ipswich: MRSA rates at Ipswich Hospital fall to lowest ever levels

ipswich: Infection levels at Ipswich Hospital are the lowest they have ever been, according to health bosses at the NHS trust.

The number of cases of MRSA and C-difficile have plummeted in the last year as staff have undergone rigorous training about the infections and how to prevent them.

In 2009/10 there were six cases of MRSA at the Heath Road hospital, two below its target. And during the same year there were 66 cases of C-diff, well below the target of fewer than 108 cases.

But so far this year - which ends on March 31 - there has only been one case of MRSA and 45 cases of C-diff.

Chief executive Andrew Reed said: “We have had continued good management of MRSA.”

And Jan Rowsell, spokeswoman for the hospital, said despite the rates being the “lowest rates of infection” ever seen at the hospital, the trust was not complacent.

Director of infection prevention and control Siobhan Jordan said: “I am delighted. Within the organisation on a daily basis all the senior staff, nurses and consultants receive an e-mail with the most up-to-date figures. And we have really focused on training and education of the staff. The message from the Department of Health is zero tolerance, so we will continue to drive it down.” Mrs Rowsell said the public had a “big part to play” in helping maintain low levels of infection by staying at home when they are ill.

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