Festival hopes 'buzz' will be back in Ipswich with 1,000s heading to venues

Sound City Ipswich director Joe Bailey in the Smokehouse venue bar

Joe Bailey, festival director of Sound City Ipswich, who has chosen his top acts for the event happening on October 1-2, 2021 - Credit: Dave Langdon

Multi-venue festival Sound City hopes the "buzz" is coming back to Ipswich with over 3,000 tickets holders, organisers have said. 

At a conference guiding people through the music industry on Friday (October 1) before the live acts start, Joe Bailey, Sound City Ipswich's festival director, revealed what it means for the town. 

Mr Bailey, who is behind music venue the Smokehouse in South Street, said: "There was always a great buzz, but when the promoters started to have kids or get proper jobs, the venues would just die. 

"For six or seven years there was just tumble weed going around Ipswich."

After he started the Smokehouse he was then able to get more bands to the town, but he wants Ipswich to have a better infrastructure to keep people here instead of going outside to Norwich and Cambridge. 

"There was a big campaign for a venue for Ipswich in the 80s that just died off," he added. 

He said that the "buzz" did return in 2019 when they hosted Sound City at the Smokehouse and this 2021 festival would build on this work but some momentum has been lost due to Covid. 

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Mr Bailey has already sold 1,000s of tickets for Sound City but was reluctant to say it was a success until he sees "smiling faces and bands on tonight". 

The festival's biggest venue is the Corn Exchange, also home of the Sound City box office and wristband exchange, while the smallest is the Smokehouse in South Street.

The Ipswich Star is a media partner for the event.

Tickets are available on the door and you can get your wristbands at the Box Office at The Corn Exchange.

For full details of the festival and to book tickets, visit the website.

The full line-up is as follows:

Friday, October 1

The Corn Exchange

6.10pm-6.40pm: Pom Poko

7pm-7.30pm: Big Joanie 

7.50pm-8.30pm Porridge Radio

9pm-9.50pm: BC Camplight

10.10pm-11pm: Warmduscher

The Baths

5.20pm-5.50pm: Lynks

6.10pm-6.40pm: bdrmm

7pm-7.30pm: Katy J Pearson

7.50pm-8.20pm: TrueMendous

8.40pm-9.20pm: Yard Act

9.40pm-10.25pm: Marlowe

10.25pm: Finish DJs

St Stephen’s Church

5.50pm-6.20pm: Fräulein

6.40pm-7.10pm: Sarpa Salpa 

7.30pm-8pm: Joe and The S*** Boys

8.20pm-8.50pm: Parris Robbo

9.10pm-9.40pm: Los Bitchos

10pm-10.50pm: Chubby and The Gang

11pm:Finish DJs

The Smokehouse

7pm-7.30pm: Pinty

8.15pm-8.45pm: Sink Ya Teeth

9.15pm-10pm: The Goa Express

The Cornhill

1.30pm-2pm: Red Wine Talk

2.20pm-2.50pm: Leon O'Leary

3.10pm-3.40pm: Archy Tomas

4pm-4.30pm: Lili Caseley

5pm-5.30pm: Caswell

5.50pm-6.20pm: Soundscape Green

6.40pm-7.10pm: Reno & Rome

7.30pm-8pm: The Baskervilles

8.20pm-8.50pm: Kyanos

Saturday, October 2

The Corn Exchange

5.15pm-5.45pm: Falle Nioke

6.05pm-6.35pm: Pregoblin

6.55pm-7.25pm: Billie Marten

7.45pm-8.30pm: Alabaster DePlume

9pm-9.30pm: Oscar #Worldpeace

10pm-10.50pm: Working Men’s Club

The Baths

3.25pm-3.55pm: Our Quiet Friends

4.15pm-4.45pm: Anorak Patch

5.05pm-5.35pm: Monster Florence

5.55pm-6.45pm: Ren Harvieu

6.45pm-7.15pm: Ebi Soda

7.35pm-8.05pm: Goya Gumbani

8.35pm-8.55pm: Narst

9.15pm-9.45pm: Jelani Blackman

10.05pm-10.50pm: Billy Nomates

11pm-12.30am: Tom Ravenscroft

12.30am: Finish DJs 

St Stephen’s Church

2.20pm-2.40pm: Georgie

3pm-3.30pm: Ayo

3.50pm-4.20pm: She's in Parties

4.40pm-5.10pm: Bug Teeth

5.30pm-6pm: Floral Image

6.20pm-6.50pm: Deep Tan

7.10pm-7.40pm: Khazali

8pm-8.30pm: Grove

8.50pm-9.20pm: TV Priest

9.40pm-10.10pm: The Cool Greenhouse   

10.30pm-11pm: PVA

11pm: Finish DJs 

The Smokehouse

7pm-7.30pm: Roscoe Roscoe

8.15pm-8.45pm: Holiday Ghosts

9.15pm-10pm: White Flowers  

The Cornhill

1.10pm-1.40pm: The Marajanovic

2pm-2.30pm: Oliver Say

2.50pm-3.20pm: Alysha Ramos

3.40pm-4.10pm: Gabby Rivers

4.30pm-5pm: Native James

5.20pm-5.50pm Brayden Jay

6.10pm-6.40pm: Young Max

7pm-7.30pm: Damp Matches

7.50pm-8.20pm: Sophie Mahon

8.40pm-9.10pm: Fishclaw