Ipswich neighbours could not get Kylie out of their head due to noise nuisance

Kylie Minogue led a Quiet Revolution in 2011 to launch the Lexus CT 200h, fronting a major advertisi

Kylie Minogue led a Quiet Revolution in 2011 to launch the Lexus CT 200h, fronting a major advertising campaign that earned Lexus a Quiet Mark award from the UK Noise Abatement Society. - Credit: Archant

Residents who just could not get Kylie Minogue out of their heads due to a noisy neighbour can finally live in peace today.

Magistrates ordered the forfeiture of Michael Debenham’s two sound systems after Ipswich Borough Council took him to court.

Debenham, of Kingsley Close, off Macauley Road in Ipswich, breached his noise abatement notice four times in 24 hours.

Although his music equipment was confiscated, he then bought another sound system which also had to be taken from his property three weeks later.

Debenham did not attend his prosecution at South East Suffolk Magistrates Court due to health issues brought on by alcoholism.

Prosecutor Mandy Ford said: “I would like to apply to prove this case in Mr Debenham’s absence. I understand from his support workers his health has deteriorated.”

Although it was only said in court that environmental health officers heard a “loud thumping bass beat” accompanied by a female vocalist, it is understood on at least one occasion the artiste involved was former Neighbours actress and global superstar Kylie.

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Mrs Ford said on April 8 a noise abatement notice was served on Debenham – a street drinker - after the council received complaints from other residents about loud music.

He was ordered to control the noise level.

However, on April 17 an environmental health officer was called to Kingsley Close at shortly after 10pm after another complaint.

The officer went into the neighbour’s bedroom and could hear the thumping music coming from Debenham’s property.

The following day at 10.20am an officer went out to the complainant’s home and could hear music being played loudly again.

The officer then returned shortly before 1.50pm and could hear more loud music.

At 10.15pm there was a third complaint of the day, and the fourth in 24 hours.

The music was still playing at 10.26pm, the court heard.

Magistrates were told as a result of the four breaches of the noise abatement notice entry was gained to Debenham’s home and the sound system was seized.

Despite this on May 11 the council obtained another warrant in order to seize a second set of music equipment from Debenham’s address.

Mrs Ford asked the court for a forfeiture order for both sets of equipment.

Magistrates found the matter proved, and ordered the sound systems to be forfeited and destroyed.

Debenham was also fined £440 and ordered to pay a further £440 in costs, as well as £44 to the victims’ fund.

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