Ipswich: Neighbours’ shock as baby dumped on their doorstep in Tennyson Road

IPSWICH: Stunned neighbours today recalled the “surreal” moment when a baby was dumped on a doorstep by a couple who then fled.

A soaking wet baby boy was handed to shocked resident Pat Baker at her daughter’s home in Tennyson Road, Ipswich, yesterday afternoon.

The incident prompted police to send out the force helicopter to find the child’s carers. A man and a woman were later arrested on suspicion of abandoning a child and were held in custody overnight.

Recalling the incident, Mrs Baker, 59, said: “The doorbell went just before 3pm and there was a couple stood with a young baby in their arms.

“They motioned to come in but I stopped them and the man said ‘take the baby, take the baby, he’s cold and wet’.

“I said no but the man reached down and just placed the baby on the floor before running down the street.

“The baby was wearing a t-shirt and trousers which were completely soaked. He was screaming and looked absolutely terrified.”

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Heidi Oldfield, Mrs Baker’s daughter, added: “As soon as I heard the baby’s screams I came into the living room and couldn’t believe what I saw.

“The baby was soaking wet and we had no idea why it had been bought to our house. I called the police and a number of neighbours then came round.

“My mother and I were completely shocked by it all. You see these sort of things on TV and in films but never expect it to happen to you.”

One neighbour, Sarah Parnell, 26, changed the baby’s nappy and dressed it in dry clothes before paramedics arrived to take it to hospital.

Ms Parnell added: “The baby was screaming constantly and had goose-bumps all over him.

“I dried him off, changed his nappy and put a clean pair of trousers on him. I had recently bought a brand new dummy for my son but I gave it to him and he calmed down.

“I then tried to give him a drink and a pear to eat but he didn’t want them. I just hope he will be ok.”

The boy, who is thought to be between one and two years old, was taken to Ipswich Hospital as a precaution but was not thought to be injured or unwell.

A police spokesman said: “A couple were arrested after a child was found abandoned.

“The child, estimated to be between 12 and 24 months old, was taken to Ipswich Hospital as a precautionary measure. A man and a woman were arrested a short time later and remain in custody.”

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