Ipswich: New graffiti plastered over town’s tallest building – again!

IPSWICH: “I’m Back!” –that’s the brazen taunt from a daredevil graffiti artist who has scaled one of the tallest buildings in town to make his mark.

Illegal artwork has again been daubed on the highest point of the unfinished Regatta Quay building.

The bare structure was famously dubbed “the wine rack” after construction stalled and it was left as an hollow shell.

The area where the graffiti was sprayed had only been scrubbed clean three weeks ago after being targeted during the summer.

The skeleton of the 14-storey building has been a feature of the area for more than two years after developers City Living went into administration.

There are high boards around the bottom of the building which stands as a monument to the recession’s impact in Ipswich – but they are not high enough to deter one persistent graffiti “artist”.

An Ipswich Borough Council (IBC) spokesman said: “We are dismayed to find this has happened again and we repeat our warning that the people who did this are putting their lives in danger.

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“We do not want to see a tragedy here.”

Speaking at the time of the first graffiti attack, Carole Jones, borough councillor responsible for economic development, said: “Whoever did this really was dicing with death.

“It is very sad that the site is in that state, but it is important that everyone does all they can to prevent it from becoming the scene of a tragedy.”

Last year hooded youths sparked a security alert after they made their way to the top of Regatta Quay and threw down objects, including paper planes.

The development is currently the responsibility of administrators Grant Thornton and the graffiti was previously cleaned up by Ipswich Central.

Last night nobody from Grant Thornton was available for comment.

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