Ipswich: Nuisance drunk walks free from court again

IPSWICH: Notorious drunk Roy Hagley has walked free from court yet again despite persistently breaching his Asbo.

The boozy 48-year-old, of London Road, Ipswich, was given a 60-day prison sentence for the latest breach. But because Hagley had already spent a month on remand, he walked free from Ipswich Crown Court on Friday.

Hagley was caught sipping from a can of Special Brew in St Matthew’s Street on November 2, which violated the terms of an Asbo issued in July preventing him from drinking in public.

Naomi Turner, prosecuting, told the court that Hagley had an unenviable criminal record – 71 convictions for 157 offences since 1977.

“You’re a pest and a nuisance,” said Judge John Holt. “And you’re yet again before the court for breach of the Asbo.

“It’s up to you – the Asbo remains in place clearly for another five years, unless you want to spend your time coming back to this dock,” he added.

“You know what you have to do.”

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The court heard Hagley had been given a previous Asbo on October 5, 2009, but had been back before magistrates just 48 hours later for breaching it.

Charles Myatt, mitigating for Hagley, said there was a chance his client could get a place on a residential rehabilitation course for alcoholics.

He said: “If there is any chance of breaking the cycle, that’s going to be it and it’s looking more hopeful than it has for many years that he’ll get a place.”

In October, Hagley was told by an appeal judge he would not have to serve the remainder of a 10-month jail stretch, which he was given for threatening and abusive behaviour and breaching another Asbo.

Judge Holt said: “It seems to be in the circumstances of your offending – and the recent decision of the Court of Appeal – that lengthy sentences are not appropriate.”

Hagley pleaded guilty on November 3 to breaching the latest Asbo, prompting magistrates to place him behind bars.

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