Ipswich: OAPs forced to pay huge bills after tiny pet dog mauled by Rottweilers

IPSWICH: An elderly couple have had to fork out thousands of pounds after their dog was mauled by two Rottweilers.

Pensioners Rosie and Edward Pulham have already spent nearly �2,000 on vet bills after their two-year-old Jack Russell Yorkshire terrier cross was mauled in Whitton Church Lane.

The couple’s dog, Toffee, was attacked in their back garden after the Rottweilers found their way in.

Despite already paying the vet bills, Mr Pulham, 88, and Mrs Pulham, 83, are worried they may have to fork out even more money for future treatment.

Toffee suffered a fractured jaw, 20 puncture wounds, a gash on one leg, and a gash on his side during the attack. His jaw is still not set and will require another visit to the vet in coming weeks.

Amy Pulham, the couple’s granddaughter, said the incident had left the family shaken.

“The dogs ran away but Nan’s dog was badly mauled,” she said.

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“The grand-kids come round but we wouldn’t dare leave them on their own in the back garden any more.”

Police officers were called to Whitton Church Lane at 10.30pm, on January 30.

Officers found the dogs and returned them to their home.

The police are unable to take any action however, but they said the Pulhams could take civil action against the owners.

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