Ipswich officer’s evidence heard at bombings inquest

IPSWICH: An inquest has heard how a police officer from the town tried to speed up the emergency response in the wake of the London terrorism attacks.

On the first day of the inquests into the deaths of the 52 victims of the July 7 bombings, the coroner heard how Robert Munn placed his foot on the tracks to prove to reluctant firefighters that the lines were not electrified.

The British Transport Police Inspector wanted to reassure the fire crews.

However, they refused to enter the tunnels at Aldgate, where the explosion killed two Ipswich men – Richard Ellery, 21, who worked in the Jessops camera shop in town and 41-year-old tax manager Richard Gray – until they had confirmation from London Underground that the rails were no longer active.

The officer, who lives in Ipswich, pleaded for ambulances to be sent to the station, warning that people would die unless they had immediate medical assistance.

During the first two days of proceedings, the inquest has heard recordings of the emergency calls which show the confusion caused by multiple calls.

Relatives have hit out at what has been described as a “chaotic” response.

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The inquest continues.