Ipswich: One-man crimewave is jailed for string of burglaries

IPSWICH: A tearaway who committed 23 offences of burglary and dishonesty over a five-year period involving property worth more than �23,000 has been locked up for 32 months.

Ryan Wade, 25, admitted eight house burglaries, eight non-dwelling house burglaries, five thefts and three offences of making off without payment between 2005 and the latter part of last year, Ipswich Crown Court heard.

Robert Sadd, prosecuting said that of a total �23,368 of property stolen by Wade around �11,000 had not been recovered and �1,600 damage had been caused during the commission of the offences.

Wade, of Byron Close, Ipswich, pleaded guilty to two offences of burglary at properties in Kingsley Close and Fore Street, Ipswich and asked for 22 offences to be considered.

Sentencing Wade, Judge Rupert Overbury said the burglaries were pre-meditated and one had been carried out at the home of a vulnerable person, although this was not known to Wade at the time.

He said he had given Wade credit for the 22 offences he had asked to be taken into consideration as he had provided police with information about the offences and without this assistance they may have remained unsolved.

Mr Sadd said Wade had broken into a house in Kingsley Close, Ipswich overnight on August 9 last year and had stolen a television which was never recovered.

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Ten days later he broke into a flat in Fore Street, Ipswich and stole a laptop computer and some DVDs.

Laura Kenyon for Wade said her client had confessed a number of crimes to the police which might otherwise have remained unsolved because he wanted to make a fresh start when he was eventually released from prison.

She said Wade had a drink problem and the offences he committed were “stupid impulsive acts” after he had been drinking.