Ipswich: Owner’s plea - ‘Stop picking on my 16-stone Rottweiler’

IPSWICH: The owner of a 16-stone Rottweiler accused of walking his dog without a lead and muzzle today claimed his pet is being victimised.

David Angell, 72, appeared at South East Suffolk Magistrates’ Court yesterday charged with breaching a court order that stated his beloved pet Brandy must be restrained at all times when they are out in public.

He is accused of breaching the order on January 10, February 5 and February 10 but denies the charges.

The order was imposed by magistrates in Ipswich in 2008 following accusations the dog was behaving in an intimidating manner.

Brandy leapt on a woman while she was walking her own dog in Gippeswyk Park and a week later he pounced on a couple who were putting up a tent in the park.

In a third incident, a park supervisor claimed the Rottweiler bit his arm.

Angell, of Iris Close, Ipswich believes people are prejudiced against his pet because he is such a large animal and claimed his dog is never without a lead and muzzle when he is out in public.

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Passionately defending Brandy, the pensioner said: “He has been victimised a great deal and it’s just not fair. He has done nothing wrong.”

Angell said fellow Iris Close residents and people from neighbouring Poppy Close will testify the South African Rottweiler is walked with the necessary restraints.

He said: “People love Brandy.”

The case has been adjourned until June 6.