Ipswich paperboy who stopped to help injured man in Bramford Road to be rewarded

Newspaper boy, Ollie Parker, helped man who suffered a stroke in Rendlesham Road, Ipswich.

Newspaper boy, Ollie Parker, helped man who suffered a stroke in Rendlesham Road, Ipswich. - Credit: Archant

A retired Ipswich newsagent wants to reward a paperboy who stepped in to help a man who had hit his head after having an epileptic fit in the street.

Ollie Parker, 15, was on his early morning paper round in Bramford Road on January 5 when he saw Dean Harvey on the floor with a head injury.

He stopped what he was doing and helped Mr Harvey, who woke up at Ipswich Hospital not knowing what had happened.

Just hours later the injured man’s employer Katy Shewring put out an appeal to find Ollie, who she hailed a hero, to thank him for his kind-hearted actions.

Now Alwyn Basford, an Ipswich-based member of the National Federation of Retail Newsagents (NFRN) wants to recognise the 15-year-old with a reward.

“He was brilliant and it’s not often people stop and just help like he did,” said Mr Basford, who ran the family owned Beechwood Stores in Woodbridge Road for three decades.

“At the Ipswich branch of the NFRN we’d like to recognise the lad with a reward, something to the value of £250 like a bike or something similar.

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“We even think he could be a candidate for a national award and will be putting him forward for one as soon as we get permission from him.”

On hearing the news he could be rewarded, Ollie said he did what he thought was right.

“I am a bit surprised to hear I will get a reward because I only did what I thought was right,” he said. “I am really happy to hear it though and will wait to hear from the man to see what will happen.

“The main thing that matters is that the guy who hurt his head is ok.”

Ollie’s dad Julian Parker said he is very happy that his son is being recognised for doing good.

“He still doesn’t think what he did was out of the ordinary, he’s a very honest boy and we are proud of him,” he said.

“It would be great for Ollie to be acknowledged for what he did.

“We’re looking forward to hearing from the man about arrangements.”