Ipswich: Parents in plea to driver after cycle accident

Jacob Elson and mum Natalie at the scene of the 12-year-olds collision with a car in Ipswich.

Jacob Elson and mum Natalie at the scene of the 12-year-olds collision with a car in Ipswich. - Credit: Archant

A furious couple want to trace a motorist who they say should have done more to ensure the safety of their son after he was knocked off his bike.

Paul and Natalie Elson were horrified when 12-year-old Jacob, returned home after being run over while cycling near Woodpecker Road in Ipswich on Monday evening.

They claim the driver who struck the youngster apparently left without reporting the accident.

Police are also appealing for the motorist to come forward, although say she did stop and show concern for the boy before driving off.

But Mrs Elson said: “I couldn’t believe the driver didn’t at least call the police. I think she should have made the call, that’s what I would have done.”

Mrs Elson says her son has had his confidence knocked by the accident and is now nervous near roads. He suffered cuts, bruises and a nasty headache after he was in collision with the car at about 5pm.

Fortunately, the Suffolk New Academy student was wearing a helmet as he rode back from football practice to his Devlin Road home, otherwise his parents fear his injuries could have been far worse.

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“We could have been looking at brain injuries and life support machines,” Mrs Elson said.

However, his bike, which he rode to school every day, was a “write-off”, she said.

Mr Elson, who works as an electronics engineer in Cambridge, arrived home a couple of hours later and assessed his injuries before contacting the police.

“I am angered that (the driver) did not call the police and an ambulance from the scene,” he said.

“I am more annoyed that she has destroyed my son’s bike, his brand new helmet and hurt my son without taking his details to see if he was OK.”

Although the female motorist did offer to drive Jacob home after the accident, he had been warned not to accept lifts from strangers and was therefore left at the scene to walk his crumpled bike back home.

A spokesman for Suffolk Constabulary said: “The young woman involved clearly did stop at the scene and was concerned for the boy, but we need her to get in touch with officers.

“We would ask her or anyone who saw the collision to call Pc Claire McLean at Ipswich by dialing Suffolk police on 101.”

The vehicle is described as a teal Peugeot, either a 207 or 208, which has damage to its front left fog light and possibly its bumper.