Ipswich psychic Sue Knock shares her election predictions

Predictions for 2014 from Ipswich Physic Sue Knock.

Predictions for 2014 from Ipswich Physic Sue Knock. - Credit: Lucy Taylor

Who do you think is going to win? The election is upon us and even Suffolk psychic Sue Knock thinks it’s too close to call – but she thinks Ipswich will do well in the play-offs. JAMES MARSTON reports.

As she reads the tea leaves and gazes into her crystal ball Ipswich psychic – described as our town’s local soothsayer – Sue Knock tunes into the spirit world.

But it seems predicting the result of this closely fought election is no easy task.

Sue, who regularly uses her psychic gifts to raise money for charity, admits she will be voting for Conservative candidate Ben Gummer.

She said: “He has worked his socks off for the town and I think everyone agrees he works very hard on our behalf. I like him, and yes I’ll be voting for him.”

Sue, who has a keen interest in politics, said she thought David Cameron may work closely with some of the Northern Irish MPs.

She said: “I am very interested in politics and I have been closely following the campaigns. The Conservatives have done well and turned the economy around, a lot of people have respect for them but have they done enough? There is still a long way to go.

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“I like Ed Miliband but he shouldn’t have done that interview with Russell Brand, that was a big mistake.”

Sue said she has grave concerns over UKIP policies.

She said: “I’m not so keen on UKIP but I think they are going to be more influential. They won’t win outright; they won’t get enough votes for that. I speak to a lot of people though in this town and I think UKIP will be stronger in Ipswich, people like what they say.”

And as for the Liberal Democrats – Sue isn’t expecting them to get so many votes.

She said: “They don’t have enough support.”

Nicola Sturgeon, leader of the Scottish National Party, has impressed Sue during the campaign – but she isn’t so sure about one of their policies.

She said: “I don’t think we should get rid of our nuclear deterrent. Not with all these threats in the world.”

But when it comes to predicting the outcome Sue said it’s too confusing.

She said: “Its not clear cut.”

But on the subject of football, Blues fan Sue is more upbeat about the forthcoming matches between Ipswich Town and Norwich City.

She said: “I predicted months ago Ipswich would reach the play-offs and everyone laughed at me then. But I’m going to be brave again. I think fans will be pleasantly surprised by Town’s performance.

“We have to be positive don’t we? I can see them doing well. I think they will have greater determination to win and Norwich will be over-confident.”