Ipswich Register Office to move because of staff safety concerns

grimwade street registry office ipswich

St Peter House in Grimwade Street, Ipswich - Credit: Jason Noble

Registrars and union staff in Ipswich are to move to Endeavour House as regular anti-social behaviour in Grimwade Street has led to fears for staff and public wellbeing.

Suffolk County Council has reported regular anti-social behaviour close to its registration service office of St Peter House in Grimwade Street, which also hosts desk space for Unison.

As the service works on registrations for births, deaths, marriages and civil partnerships as well as ceremonies, the office is a public-facing one and can be used outside of the usual working day hours.

In a report by council leader Matthew Hicks to the authority’s full council meeting, the council has confirmed 22 staff will move into refurbished space provided for them at its main Endeavour House HQ to ensure their long term safety.

The report said: “The [refurbishment] work to two floors will enable both registrars and Unison to be relocated to Endeavour House from St Peter House in Ipswich.

“The drive to move these teams from St Peter House is linked with ongoing anti-social behaviour in the area and health and safety concerns for staff, as well as making best use of the council’s assets.”

Endeavour House benefits from 24-hour security, and is also a public-facing building which means there should not be a change in public access to the registration service.

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The move is expected to be completed by the end of this year. It is not yet clear how or where ceremonies will be run once the move is complete.

It is expected that either an alternative public sector use will be found for St Peter House or marketing activities to sell or lease it will begin before 2022 if no suitable use is found.