Ipswich shoplifter in ‘self-pity mode’ stole sandals from Debenhams

Debenhams in Ipswich.

Debenhams in Ipswich.

A shoplifter who went into “self-pity mode’ and stole a pair of sandals from a town centre store has been given a conditional discharge.

Desmond Daley, of Nightingale Road, Ipswich, pleaded guilty to theft from a shop when he appeared before the town’s South East Suffolk Magistrates’ Court.

The 54-year-old stole Mantaray Sandals valued at £45 from Debenhams in Ipswich on April 13.

The court was told a store detective noticed Daley just before 5pm concealing sandals in his shorts.

He was then seen hiding fragrance in a bag. When challenged by staff he returned the perfume, but walked out of the store with the sandals.

Daley was apprehended by security staff.

Magistrates were told he was last in court for shoplifting in January 2015.

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Daley, representing himself, said he was ashamed of himself as he had turned over a new leaf since arriving in Ipswich from London.

He committed the theft when depressed and in dispute with an employment agency.

Daley said: “I went into self-pity mode.”

In addition to his conditional discharge the court ordered him to pay £105 in costs and a surcharge.

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