Ipswich shoplifter stole from two shops in five days

South East Suffolk Magistrates Court in Elm Street.

South East Suffolk Magistrates Court in Elm Street. - Credit: Sarah Lucy brown

A shoplifter has been fined after stealing goods from two Ipswich town centre stores.

Steven Harris, of Turret Lane, Ipswich, admitted the theft of three Bluetooth speakers and a bottle of men’s aftershave worth a total of £151 from Marks & Spencer, when he appeared at South East Suffolk Magistrates’ Court.

The offence occurred on February 3.

The 43-year-old also pleaded guilty to stealing an X-Box wireless controller worth £31.99 from Maplin in Carr Street on February 7.

Prosecutor David Bryant said the Marks & Spencer theft occurred at around 11.20am after Harris and another person walked into the store through the rear entrance.

Harris was seen on CCTV to make his way to the menswear area and then to the toiletries where he took a bottle of aftershave valued at £16 from the display before putting it in his jacket.

He then went to the electronic accessories where he took the Bluetooth speakers priced at £135 and also put them inside his jacket.

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The theft was broadcast over the Town Link radio security system.

The court heard Harris handed himself in and gave the items he had stolen back.

At around 12.30pm on February 7 he went into Maplin and picked up a games controller before concealing it and leaving.

The controller was not recovered.

The court was told Harris regretted his actions and that he had been clean from heroin for three years, although he has admitted he does ‘dabble’ in legal highs.

It was also said Harris now has a potentially serious health issue, possibly due to what he had been taking.

District Judge Celia Dawson fined Harris a total of £60 and ordered him to pay £31.99 compensation to Maplin. In addition he must pay £85 costs.