Ipswich: Sister cleared of hair-ripping charge on a girls’ night out

Kimberley Carter

Kimberley Carter - Credit: Archant

ONE of two sisters accused of tearing out a clump of another woman’s hair during a cat fight on a coach has been found not guilty of the offence.

Kimberley Carter, of Cedars Lane, Capel St Mary, was cleared of actual bodily harm charges by a jury at Ipswich Crown Court yesterday.

Her sister Naomi Carter, 29, of Cardigan Street, Ipswich, had admitted to a charge of actual bodily harm.

The charges brought against the two sisters related to an incident where Sophia England had a clump of her hair torn out, leaving her with a bald spot measuring eight centimetres by two-and-a-half centimetres, following a 21st birthday party in London in January.

The girls were in the same group which arrived in the capital at 10pm in January 21 this year.

The court heard the group tried to gain entry to a club but with time running out, there was some squabbling as people began pushing to get in.

It was alleged an atmosphere remained throughout the night between Kimberley Carter and Miss England following an altercation as they waited to gain entry.

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When the group returned to the bus, the jury heard an argument ensued which led to Miss England’s hair being pulled and torn out.

Speaking at Ipswich Crown Court earlier this week, Miss Carter said: “With my hand on my heart I didn’t touch her.”

Naomi Carter’s sentencing for the offence has been adjourned for reports to a later date.