Ipswich/Sizewell: Creation of Sizwell C could lead to major benefits for Ipswich, town MP says

Ipswich MP Ben Gummer

Ipswich MP Ben Gummer - Credit: Archant

The creation of a third nuclear plant in Suffolk could bring significant benefits and a major jobs boost for Ipswich, the town’s MP Ben Gummer said today.

Mr Gummer hailed the announcement that key commercial terms had, in principle, been agreed for a new station at Hinkley Point in Somerset as fantastic news, as it brought the prospect of Sizewell C closer to reality.

The development has been welcomed by leaders across the county but Mr Gummer has stressed that it is important Ipswich is ready for a new station near Leiston.

He said: “It is absolutely fantastic news because we have cleared a major hurdle to getting a new building in Sizewell.

“Ipswich will benefit significantly from the construction. We are the nearest large town and I think if we play our cards right and the university develops specialisms, we can benefit from this enormous project.

“It is going to be on our doorstep and that is really exciting.”

The key announcement on Monday was the “strike price” – the price for power Hinkley generates during its 35-year operating life – from the early 2020s to around 2055.

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It has been set at £89.50/MWh if Sizewell C goes ahead but would rise to £92.50/MWh if Sizewell C does not proceed.

Mr Gummer believes if the plant does now get the go-ahead that work should take place to ensure pupils who are currently in primary school will be prepared, should they want to be part of Sizewell’s workforce.

He added: “The kids in primary school are the ones who will work in that and they need to be given the tools to apply for the job and that is why we have got to do so much more to raise the skills levels for our school leavers.”