Ipswich: Star launches traffic survey

IPSWICH: Let’s face it – congestion in Suffolk’s county town has never been worse, or more annoying.

Wherever you go traffic problems – and the awful weather sweeping our area at present – are the two main topics of the day.

Major delays at most points of the day are blighting daily life – whether you are in business or just trying to ferry the kids around on the way to, or home from, school.

So today The Evening Star is launching a major survey on traffic problems which are besetting the town.

From Woodbridge Road and Spring Road at one side of town to Wherstead Road and Norwich Road at the other, we want to know how bad it is for you.

This week we heard of journeys in to work in Ipswich, from homes in the town, of an hour or more. Frustrations are growing – and roadworks in the Duke Street area are not the only problems for motorists.

Recently announced is a �25million plan aimed at easing the situation.

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“Ipswich fit for the 21st century” is a major programme aimed at making it easier to get around the town centre.

The town’s bus stations will be rebuilt.

Roads linking the town centre with the railway station and Waterfront – especially Princes Street – will be rebuilt to make life easier for pedestrians.

And a new system of traffic lights will be designed with the aim of improving the flow in and out of the town centre.

The changes have not been without controversy – there have already been comments on our website and letters to the editor warning that more traffic lights will bring the town to a standstill.

Others have written saying that improvements have to be made if Ipswich is not going to be left behind by other towns and cities.

And while new traffic light technology is set to be introduced, that does not mean there will be significantly more lights at the end of the process – just that they will be linked in better with each other.

But of course while all the changes are underway there will be major traffic problems in and around the town centre as engineers carry out work in every area.

We have already had a taste of the kind of disruption this can cause this year with the remodelling of the Duke Street junction.

- Meanwhile, we want you to tell us of any other problem areas, including traffic patterns/ rat runs which are making your life a misery.

- To fill in the survey online, click the link to the right of this text

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