Ipswich: Street light call after tyre slashing spree

RESIDENTS are calling for street lights to be switched back on at night after yobs slashed tyres on more than 20 vehicles.

Suffolk police have now received a total of 25 reports of criminal damage in Rosehill Road, Ipswich, which happened last week.

Mark Durrell, 50, awoke on Friday to discover he had two tyres on his Nissan stabbed by yobs but drove to work before realising his tyres were flat.

He said: “Because the street lights are off at night now, not one person saw or heard anything.

“A lot of people are calling for the lights to go back on. People keep looking out of their windows every time their hear a noise worrying about what is going to happen next.”

Mr Durrell, who has lived in Rosehill Road for more than 30 years, had to fork out �150 to get his tyres replaced but said it is only the second time his car has been damaged.

The damage was caused overnight from 8pm last Thursday to 6am on Friday.

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A Suffolk County Council spokeswoman said: “Suffolk County Council is committed to continuing to work with local councils, the police and the safer neighbourhood teams to ensure that the new intelligent lighting system is effective in all areas.

“We are sensitive to local need which is why we’ve made it possible for street lighting to be left on for longer periods - or remaining on all night – where it’s necessary for safety.

“Information received from other local authorities that have implemented similar systems shows that there has not been an increase in crime and often a decrease has been experienced.

“The system Suffolk County Council is implementing is fully adjustable and can be modified if required.”

The Ipswich Star has put of a �500 reward for information about the crime wave leading to the conviction of those responsible.

A spokesman for Suffolk police told the Star: “A number of people have come forward and investigations are ongoing.

“No arrests have yet been made.”

Any witnesses of those with information which may help officers track down those responsible should call Pc Simon Betts, from Ipswich, on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

n Were you a victim of the tyre slashing crime wave? Call newsdesk on 01473 324790 or e-mail starnews@archant.co.uk

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