Ipswich: Town residents struggle to remember the names of our Olympic stars

THEY have become the nation’s darlings – the golden heroes of a summer of sport we’ll never forget.

But do you recognise Team GB’s medal-winning superstars? And can you name the men and women who put a smile on the face of Great Britain?

It seems that while Olympic and Paralympic fever gripped Suffolk, many of us can’t remember exactly who our athletes actually are.

Star reporter Hollie-Rae Merrick took to the streets of Ipswich to test the town’s knowledge of Team GB’s stars.

But many of those questioned were left scratching their heads.

While a handful of shoppers said they hadn’t watched the Games, others knew the faces of our gold medallists but couldn’t recall their names.

It was only a small number of those asked who were able to work out who the athletes were.

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Pearl Giles, of Ipswich, top right, said she had watched every moment of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, relishing in every medal win and historic moment.

“I loved it, I particularly enjoyed the Paralympics because I think the stories of all the athletes are so amazing,” she said.

As she looked over the photos of medallists including Sir Chris Hoy, Jade Jones and Victoria Pendleton, she was unable to place their names but said she remembered their moments in the spotlight.

She added: “I can’t remember their names but I know their faces.”

Another shopper, who asked not to be named, said: “I really wouldn’t know who they are, I watched some of it but not enough to know who they all are.”

Meanwhile, with a little bit of guesswork Holly Card, 22, and Jonathon Vernau, left centre, were able to name all of the sporting stars.

Mr Vernau said he believed more people would know who the athletes were following on from the Games.

“I knew who Sir Chris Hoy was before but not all the others,” he said.

Town resident Andrew Copping, bottom left, was able to put a name to the pictures of our cycling stars, but couldn’t name the likes of taekwondo gold medallist Jade Jones and Paralympic weightlifter Zoe Newson.

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