Ipswich United: Aussie appeal nears �12,000 as students join the campaign

You’ve got big hearts and deep pockets!

The generosity of Ipswich people seems to know no bounds today after it emerged the Ipswich United fund is now on the brink of topping �12,000.

The appeal, launched by The Evening Star and Ipswich Building Society, aims to help our Australian counterparts in the identically-named flood-ridden city in Queensland.

And the generous residents of Ipswich are continuing to show their kindness.

At the last count around two weeks ago, the fund had reached �10,000.

But money from fundraising groups across the town - and further afield in Suffolk - just keeps pouring in.

Paul Winter, chief executive of Ipswich Building Society, confirmed the balance of the Ipswich United account is now a whopping �11,737.

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“The fund keeps growing and we are really pleased at the level of support we are continuing to see,” he said.

The Ipswich United appeal has received an unprecedented response from Star readers and has brought the community together for a worthy cause.

One of the latest donations was made by Otley College. Students determined to help the people of Ipswich, Queensland, dressed in traditional Aussie costume and organised an Antipodean-themed day of fun.

In addition to face-painting, the students enjoyed a menu of Australian tucker which included a billabong barbecue and sweets from down under such as lamingtons and tim tams.

Kim Hutchings who works in the marketing department of the college, said students rallied round to raise money.

“They were so excited to be involved,” she said. “Some of the lads couldn’t wait to get their faces painted and everyone wanted to help out. The day had a great atmosphere.”

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