Ipswich: Warm weather set to fade this week

SCORCHING temperatures and blue skies over the weekend saw people descend on the county’s parks and beaches in their droves.

But forecasters today put to bed any idea that summer has finally arrived, despite temperatures hitting highs of 25C on Saturday and Sunday.

Temperatures could still exceed the average for this time of year, which is between 18-19C. However, there will be the chance of showers and cloudy skies later this week.

Phil Garner, a forecaster at Weatherquest, said: “Unfortunately the weather is set to change for Monday and Tuesday. By Tuesday there will be one or two showers and on Wednesday and Thursday it will be colder with outbreaks of rain – temperatures will be nearer 20-21C.”

With street parties and major events set to dominate the agenda next weekend with the Diamond Jubilee, residents would have been hoping for bright and sunny days.

It is unclear at the moment whether any rain is expected. However temperatures are set to fall below 20C.

Mr Garner added: “I think it will turn cooler. We have got northerly winds and temperatures for next weekend will probably be nearer 16-17C.

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“At the moment it is turning cooler and there are no real signs of it changing immediately.”

It was revealed that water company bosses have relaxed hosepipe restrictions for turf growers and commercial gardeners in a bid to stop businesses being damaged by the ban.

Anglian Water enforced a hosepipe ban on all its domestic customers from April 5, although commercial water users were spared in order to prevent an adverse economic impact.

But turf growers and landscape gardeners were quick to point out that their businesses would struggle if they were unable to use domestic water supplies to water-in new lawns delivered to people’s homes.

Those businesses are now exempt from the ban, so they, and their clients, will be able to water newly-laid turf and plants with a hosepipe for up to 28 days.