Ipswich: We’ve got enough criminals here without you – what judge told Brummie scrap metal gang

IPSWICH: A gang of men who drove from Birmingham to Ipswich to steal scrap metal have been given jail sentences ranging from 12 to 22 weeks.

Four of the defendants were arrested by police in the grounds of Sackers Recycling in Great Blakenham near Ipswich and the other two were arrested nearby after the police helicopter was called in to help, Ipswich Crown Court heard.

Robert Sadd, prosecuting, said the men were seen on CCTV at 1.35am on July 22 and police officers found the men had loaded scrap metal including copper into 60 bags.

He said that in recent months the price of certain metals had significantly increased and the value of the metal in the bags had been put at �14,000.

Although the men had a van ready to take the metal away they were arrested before it was removed from the yard.

Jailing the gang Judge John Devaux said: “It is not appreciated when gangs cross the country to commit offences here.

“We have enough home grown criminals without you joining their number.”

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Before the court were Aurelian Antonala, 31, Ionel Frunza, 26, Ilie Ionl, 23, Catalin Petre, 38, Catalin Fieraru, 24 and Dragos Danescu, 25 all from Birmingham.

They all admitted theft.

Antonala, Petre, Fieraru and Danescu were each jailed for 12 weeks, Frunza for 16 weeks and Ionl for 22 weeks. All the defendants have been in custody since their arrest in July and they will serve half their sentences less 40 days they have spent in custody.

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