Ipswich: Wimbledon, the British Grand Prix or Le Tour de France. Which sporting event should be screened at Ipswich Music Day?

Tennis anyone? Or would you rather watch the British Grand Prix?

Tennis anyone? Or would you rather watch the British Grand Prix? - Credit: Archant

Tennis anyone? Or are you more of a cycling fan?

Ipswich Borough Council has hired a large screen so they can show one of the weekend’s top sporting fixtures during Sunday’s Ipswich Music Day in Christchurch Park

Readers are being the chance to vote for their preferred option - but what will be the common consensus?

Will it be the men’s final from Wimbledon? Or will cycling fans watch their sporting heroes pedal from York to Sheffield in the second stage of the Le Tour de France?

Alternatively, motorsport fans could be watching the British Grand Prix from Silverstone.

Which would you vote for?

The second stage of Le Tour De France sets out at 11am and is due to reach Sheffield at round 4.30pm while the tennis gets underway at 2pm - meaning fans could watch the start of the tour, then see the world’s top tennis stars battle it out on centre court.

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The Grand Prix starts at midday.

A council spokesman said the screen will be positioned near the bandstand at the top of the parkk, close to the Henley Road entrance, and will give an added dimension to the day.

He said: “People who go there for the music will know which stage they are going to, families will congregate towards the bottom end of the park and this is an opportunity to utilise the top of the park that we previously haven’t used.”

What would you like to see, vote in our online poll today.