Ipswich: Wine rack graffti is tackled by cleaners

IPSWICH: Specialist cleaning teams scaled the great heights of one of Ipswich’s tallest buildings to tackle unsightly graffiti glaring out over the town’s Waterfront.

After an eagle-eyed Evening Star photographer spotted the bold and brightly coloured scrawl at the top of Regatta Quay, dubbed the ‘wine rack’ after work halted on the unfinished structure a few years ago, action has been taken to clear up the mess.

Town centre management company Ipswich Central and cleaning firm Graffiti Away, took on the task of tackling the hard-to-reach graffiti, scaling the enormous structure in a bid to eradicate it from the town’s skyline.

For two hours the team worked tirelessly, ensuring every trace within safe reach was removed. Only a small patch remains, after health and safety restrictions deemed it too dangerous for the cleaning teams to reach.

Paul Clement, executive director of Ipswich Central said: “We want people to take pride in our town, and it’s our duty to ensure that our buildings are of a standard that inspires this. If we are successful in our bid for a second term, a clean town will remain one of our top priorities.”