Suffolk woman celebrates 103rd birthday after beating Covid-19

Florence is celebrating her 103rd birthday, and is getting a visit from the Mayor Picture: CHARLOTT

Florence is celebrating her 103rd birthday, and got a visit from the Mayor - Credit: CHARLOTTE BOND

An Ipswich woman is celebrating her 103rd birthday today - after last year surviving after catching the coronavirus.

Florence Lucas received dozens of birthday cards - and had a visit from the mayor to mark her special day.

Florence was born just a few weeks before the First World War ended, more than a century ago on October 25, 1918.

Hazeldell Residential Home

Florence blowing out candles on her cake - unfortunately 103 candles on a cake would have probably broken some health and safety rules - Credit: Hazeldell Residential Home

Today at Hazeldell Residential Home, she was joined by family, residents and even children from a local nursery who wanted to bring her gifts and cards, to mark the impressive achievement.

The day featured a game of pass the parcel with the children and plenty of Rod Stewart - her favourite artist.

103 year old woman

One of Florence's favourite pastimes is listening to Rod Stewart - Credit: CHARLOTTE BOND

She also received dozens of birthday cards after the care home asked to see if Florence could get 103 cards for 103 years.

Florence grew up in Rushmere on Renfrew road and worked as a knicker seamstress.

Hazeldell Residential Home

Mayor cllr Elizabeth Hughes and Florence - Credit: Hazeldell Residential Home

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Last year Florence unfortunately caught Covid, but Hazeldell home manager Emma said she was able to brush it off: "It was so strange, it was like she had a little cold.

"She just went off her food a little bit."

Hazeldell Residential Home

Florence with children from the local nursery who wanted to visit to say happy birthday to her - Credit: Hazeldell Residential Home

Florence is celebrating her 103rd birthday, and is getting a visit from the Mayor Picture: CHARLOTT

Florence celebrating her 103rd birthday - Credit: CHARLOTTE BOND

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