Ipswich: Wrongful arrest victims handed thousands in compensation


- Credit: Eastern Daily Press © 2011

VICTIMS of wrongful arrests have been handed more than £40,000 in compensation in the past seven years, new figures have revealed.

Statistics seen by The Star reveal that 20 people arrested for an array of suspected crimes have received pay-outs totalling £42,125 since 2007 after their arrests were deemed unlawful.

A spokeswoman for Suffolk Constabulary said arrests were always carried out “in good faith” and that claims over arrests were sent to insurers to be evaluated.

The highest pay-out was made to someone arrested on suspicion of stealing goods in 2008, who received £7,000 in compensation.

In 2007, only one claim was paid out over an arrest for the alleged theft of a vehicle. The claimant was awarded £600.

In 2009, the force paid out for six claims of compensation including one person arrested over alleged common assault and battery (£850), the alleged forgery of money (£2,750) and an attempt to obtain property by deception (£1,250).

A total of £10,275 was paid out during 2010 after those wrongfully arrested opted to pursue a claim against Suffolk police.

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In 2011, four people were deemed as being unlawfully arrested for alleged aggravated trespassing, with each claimant receiving £3,000.

Meanwhile, last year, an arrest over an alleged wounding without intent saw the force pay-out £500 after it was deemed wrongful.

A further two claims were sent to the force’s insurers last year – one for an alleged drink-driver who was awarded £300 compensation and another for an alleged theft which saw the claimant win £1,000.

A spokeswoman for Suffolk police said: “Arrests carried out by police officers are carried out in good faith.

“When a claim for unlawful arrest is made, it is sent to our insurers and the conditions of arrest are evaluated and if found to be unlawful then settlement of the claim will be considered.”