Ja\mes Marston: Always look on the bright side of life

James Marston takes a break at The Elms Holistic Sanctuary and meets Jean Parnell and Richard Dighto

James Marston takes a break at The Elms Holistic Sanctuary and meets Jean Parnell and Richard Dighton

Our vicar, Rosemary, donned a canary yellow and dog collar ensemble and thought I was joking when I mentioned that for the extroit – that’s the music you play at the end of a service – the happy couple for whose wedding I was playing had plumped for Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life.

In the end it all sounded quite good on the organ in the ancient church of St James Icklingham – despite my fingers shaking which made Love Divine All Loves Excelling somewhat trickier than usual. So thanks to all of you who wrote in with suggestions – well, both of you.

Anyway, as regular readers will know, I’m on a no crisps and no bread diet and have been eating a lot of prawn salads. It no fun.

My mother Sue, who enjoys barbershop singing with the Barton Mills-based group Anglia Accents, hit the nail on the head when she said, “You’re only doing this because you can’t fit into your shorts, can you?”

Isn’t it irksome when your mother knows everything? What she doesn’t know is that I haven’t dared yet weigh myself because at the weekend I dined on venison en croute and Eton mess.

As usual I’ve been all over Suffolk finding things out and this week I popped along to a meeting of Brandon Arts Society on Tuesday.

They are a friendly bunch and for someone who can’t draw a pair of curtains seem very talented. They’ve got an exhibition coming up in the town at the Brandon Baptist Church Hall from July 10 to Saturday 12 July from 10am to 4pm so if you get the chance do have a look.

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Garden-wise I’ve got to the age where buying an extension hose is high on my priority list. (For younger readers this happens to people in their mid to late 30s and is closely aligned to only going to drinking venues where you can sit down and talk.)

Anyhow, I needed to water a Cedar of Lebanon at my home in the Lark Valley that will come to full maturity and look magnificent when I’m dead. I’m also thinking of growing a beech hedge too so any tips would be appreciated for a 20 metre stretch?

Wildlife-wise, I’ve got a pair of woodpeckers who have discovered my nuts and seem very hungry – perhaps they’ve got young? They make a change from the crows who regularly raid my bird feeding station.

Oh, and has the World Cup actually started yet? It’s in Brazil isn’t it? Yawn. Drop me a line and let me know what you’re doing to avoid it. And next week look out for me having my tarot cards read. Might be time to play Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life again on my organ...