Jackson's death pushes up sales

HUNDREDS of stunned Michael Jackson fans have been flooding Ipswich town centre looking to get their hands on any Jacko memorabilia they can.

HUNDREDS of stunned Michael Jackson fans have been flooding Ipswich town centre looking to get their hands on any Jacko memorabilia they can.

As the region joins the world's population in trying to come to terms with the superstar's sudden death, they have been spending large on CDs, posters and DVDs to show their appreciation towards the King of Pop.

HMV is the last large specialist music store left in the town centre, and was quick to notice a jump in interest in Jackson's music.

With his Greatest Hits playing over the PA system and a display of his “Number One” album on offer for just �4, business was brisk.

Sarah Lower, the store's Supervisor, was helping the queues move along at a steady pace. She said: “His albums are selling very well, which of course is expected of in these circumstances.

“More than 50 copies of his Number One album alone have already been sold today, and we have slashed the price of this album from �15.99 to �4. We only receive this high magnitude of public interest when a huge star passes away.

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“People have been crying on the phones when ordering posters and DVDs, and we are doing a 'two for �10' deal on any Michael Jackson album combination. But it is important to remember it is generally a sad occasion.”

With unexpected news such as this, the popular music store was struggling with stock levels, but it has placed orders to ensure Jackson fans do not go home empty handed.

Self-proclaimed King of Pop Michael Jackson's legacy will live on, not only in the hearts of millions worldwide, but also on stereos and television sets across the region.

News of Jackson's death prompted many comments from our online Evening Star community:

Nick Ward, Ipswich: Michael Jackson a Legend who will be missed by people of all ages around the world. RIP.

Angela Scrivener, Ipswich: He led a very troubled and unusual life, but nobody can deny that he had an amazing talent as a performer. RIP Michael.

'R D': It is tragic news. As a fan for nearly 30 years I loved his music and showmanship. I saw him twice in concert at Wembley stadium and he was breath-taking.

Marlene: Michael Jackson was a legend whose music was loved by people of all ages around the world but he will live on forever through his music. May he rest in peace now.

Antonio Yacca: I am very shocked and saddened by the passing of Michael Jackson. Since as long as I can remember I have listened and danced to his music. He was a genius, the greatest performer, the King of Pop.

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