James Marston: Fighting for Felixstowe

Angry beach hut owners gathered on Felixstowe's promenande to march against beach hut and chalet re

Angry beach hut owners gathered on Felixstowe's promenande to march against beach hut and chalet rent rises at Felixstowe. - Credit: Archant

It was only a fiver, so I thought why not.

I happened to be up at Trinity Park – the Suffolk Showground to you and me and everyone else – on Saturday where I bought a copper beech tree which I shall plant in my garden and leave to grow and get in the way of future generations.

It’s only small and I’m fearful the rabbits will demolish it – they completely stripped a willow last year – but I’m hopeful it will last the course – any advice will be gratefully received.

Anyway, how was your Easter?

I played the church organ in the ancient church of St James in Icklingham. We heard about the discovery of the empty tomb, I played When I Survey the Wondrous Cross and then we had roast pork before an afternoon in front of the fire – its been cold hasn’t it?

I quite like Easter. I like the fact the clocks change and the night start to get lighter. It means an end to all that night driving.

This year I rounded off my weekend with a game of bingo with my playwright chum Susan in the Edwardian spa town of Felixstowe where I have a small flat with sea views (distant).

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Instead of dabbing with a dabber I opted for an electronic machine which sort of does it all for you – not that bingo is particularly strenuous – and saves ink.

Half way through one of the link games everything went quiet and we lost our link and had to turn it all off and on again. My fears of being plunged into darkness were unfounded but it was very exciting nonetheless.

My hopes rested on the silver quickie where I was just one number away from a full house.

Despite the electronic help I didn’t win.

Which, given the huge price hike in the cost of my beach chalet with sea views (panoramic to the left), I would have welcomed.

Anyway I note that beach hut owners and chalet tenants have been marching along the seafront to demand that the extra income - so unfairly wrung out of us in order, I have grown to suspect, to help keep the overstaffed public sector gravy train rolling along – be used to develop Felixstowe and stay in the town.

Quite right too.