James Marston: Flying high on the crest of a wave

Wings on Waves Felixstowe. Photo: Jason Hemingway

Wings on Waves Felixstowe. Photo: Jason Hemingway - Credit: Archant

Of course I thought all those people had come out to see me.

Naturally I was a little disappointed to learn that Felixstowe’s seafront was not teaming with people hoping to catch a glimpse of a wanna-be celebrity of the peninsula who happens to have a small flat with sea views (distant) and an over-inflated opinion of himself.

Instead they were all out to see Wings on Waves – an air display show celebrating the 100th anniversary of the town’s RAF base.

I enjoyed the spectacle from the balcony of friends who enjoy sea views panoramic who put on a barbeque with a selection of salads and a trifle.

And I must say I was quite impressed particularly by the loop the loop aeroplanes whose death-defying stunts left me thinking I’d have a crash to report on and no notepad to hand.

Anyway it was quite nice to see Felixstowe so busy.

Added to which I have now got a new bike.

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Not sure about the colour – it’s a chocolate brown and I wanted blue - but so far I am quite pleased with it.

Of course it’s always handy to cycle around town when it comes to a little light shopping and I can often be seen parking up before I go for a full English on a Sunday morning.

This Sunday I spared a moment for the Salvation Army who play in the Triangle and pass round The War Cry. I quite enjoyed it partly because I took the opportunity to sit down comfortably – I have yet to become fully accustomed to the new saddle – and partly because its nice to listen to a spot of live music.

Just after the band had finished a rendition of Finlandia I popped back on the cycle and went home for another sit down.

On the way I ran into my oldest fan Noreen who was looking well and is often busy keeping her garden nice.

Noreen remembered the flying planes when they were here and TE Lawrence who was stationed at RAF Felixstowe for a couple of years and later rose to fame as Lawrence of Arabia and enjoyed baths in the desert - got to know some of her family in the town.

All interesting stuff.

I particularly enjoyed the Spitfire – I wonder what it must have been like to hear the Germans coming overhead knowing they were going to drop bombs if they could.