James Marston: Which songs would you choose for your wedding ceremony?

What would you have playing at your wedding?

What would you have playing at your wedding?

I’ve got a wedding rehearsal next week.

Not for my own, I hasten to add, but for a couple called Tim and Laura.

As regular readers will know, I double up my journalism with church organ-playing in the west Suffolk village of Icklingham.

I’m kicking off with Trumpet Voluntary then double de-clutching into Love Divine All Loves Excelling. So far so good. Then I’ve got How Great Thou Art and something else before rounding off proceedings with ? and the bride has made a special request here – something fun and uplifting.

In the traditions of anything churchy it’s what can be described as a moveable feast and I’m tempted to bash out Puff The Magic Dragon. But if you’ve got any ideas do drop me a line as I could do with a bit of inspiration.

Instead of relaxing in my Felixstowe flat with sea views (distant), this week has been a little bit cosmopolitan for me.

I managed to pop to London to see Angela Lansbury ? 70 years in the business ? not for lunch but she was in a play, Blithe Spirit.

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On the way we stumbled across a rehearsal for the Trooping of the Colour. Along with all the Queen’s men and horses, I can’t imagine how tricky it must be to play a flute on the back of a horse. We even saw the Queen’s carriage ride past – it was empty but still exciting to see.

Angela ? she’s the same age as HM, a whopping 88 ? was remarkable to watch as she pranced around the stage in heels and wig as the eccentric Madame Arcati.

My sister Claire, above – she’s the one who wants to marry a farmer with 4,000 acres and a weak pulse – loved every minute. She’s a big fan of Murder She Wrote and Bed Knobs and Broomsticks, you see.

As I said to Claire afterwards as we shuffled out into the Soho air, the standing ovation for Miss Lansbury was as much for her performance as a tribute to her career. What a talent.

Of my own prodigious talent: Lucy – my plain-speaking-photographer-friend ? and I have been awarded a “commended” in the recent Archant regional awards.

We’d entered team of the year and won because, according to me as I wrote the entry, we had “embraced new technology and brought lively copy to the newspaper”.

So while we missed out on the swish lunch in London – three courses plus coffee ? I now have a new framed certificate for the loo wall and something else for the CV apart from red belt in karate and grade II recorder.