Jurors clear man on rape charge

AN alleged rapist has been unanimously cleared by a jury in Ipswich.

AN alleged rapist has been unanimously cleared by a jury in Ipswich.

Robert Mendy, of Belstead Road, Ipswich, denied raping a woman at her sister's house near Wherstead Road in August last year.

The jury at Ipswich Crown Court were told that Mendy forced the alleged victim's face down on the bed and raped her while her sister was out walking the dog.

But the 36-year-old claimed that she had consensual sex with him.

Mendy was acquitted of the offence yesterday but remained in custody due to an issue with immigration papers which stated he was an “overstayer”.

During the trial, Mendy said he had met the woman for the first time earlier in the evening on August 11.

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He said he had invited the woman to go for a drink with him and shortly afterwards she had arrived at the pub with her sister.

He said the woman had been very friendly and they later went back to the house in the Wherstead Road area of the town.

He told the court that the woman had sat on the same chair as him and when her sister had taken her dog for a walk she had put her leg on his thigh and started kissing him.

After further intimacy, Mendy said he had told the woman he didn't have a condom and had left the house to buy some.

On his return, he claimed the woman was standing at the door waiting for him and then led him upstairs to a bedroom where they had consensual sex.

Mendy denied forcing the woman face down on her bed and raping her and said he had lied about having sex with her during police interviews because he was ashamed about betraying his girlfriend.