Kesgrave: Firearms cops are the cat’s whiskers

An injured cat is back in the arms of his loving owners after police rescued the moggy from the side of a road.

Little Alby is now back home with Ed Woollard and Sian Lewis, of Wards View, Kesgrave, and on the mend thanks to Suffolk firearms officers Pc Simon Redgen and Pc Mark Treeby.

In the early hours of Wednesday, March 30, Alby was hit by a car and seriously injured in Main Road, Kesgrave.

The Tactical Firearms Unit officers were driving past and spotted him by the side of the road.

Pc Redgen said: “He was in a lot of trouble and we immediately knew we had to get him to a vet as soon as possible.” The pair got in contact with an on-call vet and directed traffic as they waited.

Alby was taken to the Orwell Veterinary Group in Grange Farm, where he was put on a drip and his owners contacted.

He had pelvis and spine injuries and the vet feared the worst.

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Mr Woollard said: “When we took Alby home he was living in a cage and nobody expected him to pull through, but before we were due to take him back to the vet he started to put weight on his back legs.

“We’re really grateful to the officers for taking the time out of their normal duties to help Alby. If they hadn’t stopped and got in contact with the vet, I don’t think he would still be with us now.”