Kesgrave High hits heights

AT Kesgrave High, 74per cent of students achieved five A* to C grades, with the figure at 66 per cent including maths and English.

AT Kesgrave High, 74per cent of students achieved five A* to C grades, with the figure of 66 per cent including maths and English.

Headteacher Nigel Burgoyne said: “This is a really impressive set of results. Again the boys are performing well alongside the girls at Kesgrave against the national trend where girls are outperforming boys.

“The proportion of grades A* and A has risen from 18per cent in 2007 to 22per cent in 2008 which promises well for sixth form.”

Kesgrave pupil Mark Saunders, 16, said: “I'm pleased with my results they are about what I expected and I'm really pleased that I got a C in maths.”

James Walker, 16, said: “I got two A's four B's, three C's and one D. I'm really pleased because I got an A in maths and PE, I want to go to Sixth Form now.”

Jessica Banks-Cromack, 16, said: “I'm really pleased, I've got mainly B's and C's, I want to go on to do A Levels.”

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Kirsty Turner, 16, said: “I got one C, two A*, three A's and four B's, I'm very delighted with that, I'm really pleased, I did a lot better than I thought I would do.”

Royal Hospital School headteacher Howard Blackett said: “The headline statistic as far as we are concerned is that 50per cent of papers sat gave an A* or an A which is a fantastic result.

“I am absolutely delighted with the results - they are the best on record.”

Dennis McGarry, headteacher of St Alban's school in Ipswich said: "We are pleased that our GCSE results are what we expected with a number of outstanding achievements by our pupils.

"Congratualtions to them all for all their hard work."

Pupil Ben Sciortino, 16, said: “I've got some B's, some A's and two A* in science and maths. I'm really pleased with my results. I did better than I thought. We're going to Clacton Air Show to celebrate.”

Hannah Mayes, 16, said: “I got two A's in double Health and Social Studies and an A in English Literature, some B's in most other subjects and two C's. I'm happy and we've been hugging each other and I want to go on to do A level's now.”

Laura Waddams, 16, said: “I got two A*, six A's and two B's. I'm very pleased, I couldn't have wished for more, it's brilliant. English is my favourite subject and I'll be staying on at St Alban's for A Levels.”

Proud mum Elaine Quinn, said her 16-year-old son Philip had achieved six C's and four D's. She said; “We are very pleased with his results, it's everything he needs to get into Otley College to study heating and ventilation. It was a bit nerve racking but he needed five C's and he got six

Chantry High School achieved 63 per cent of 5 grades A* - C.

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