Aspiring Formula 4 driver impresses at Silverstone race

16-year-old Ben Cochran at a race

Ben Cochran from Kesgrave is hoping to make it into Formula 4 - Credit: Johnny Cochran

A rising Formula Ford racer, who has dreams of moving into F4, has impressed at a competition at Silverstone.

Ben Cochran from Kesgrave has been racing ever since he was five-years old. Starting off with karting, Ben, now 16, has entered the world of Formula Ford racing - an entry level class of formula racing.  

Competing at the HSCC Walter Hayes trophy meet at Silverstone last weekend, which saw drivers from around the world taking part, Ben impressed by placing highly in the race even after having time out from the sport.  

Ben said: “It was quite a big prestigious event at the end of the year. It was my first ever time doing it and considering where I was at the time, I did quite well.  

"I qualified 9th in my heat out of 36 people. And in the first race, I went from 9th to 3rd and then in the semi-final I just kept position. To do that at where I was in the year and my current level is quite impressive and I’m proud of that. Out of 104 drivers I came 13th overall.” 

Ben Cochran in his Formula Ford car

16-year-old Ben at a race - Credit: Johnny Cochran

Ben’s dad, Johnny Cochran, explained that after a long time in the sport, both father and son had seemingly fallen out of love with racing. 

He said: “I think for Ben after 11 years of karting we were both a bit exhausted and needed time out. Ben had been racing since he was five-years-old and raced every weekend in karting.  

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"When Covid hit it gave us a bit of time to reflect and decide what we wanted to do going forward.” 

But now Ben and his father are back and have high hopes for the future. The next few years will see Ben push for Formula 4 heights. 

Johnny said: “We’re definitely going to run Formula Ford next year because Formula Ford teaches you a lot about mechanical grip in a car. Then our plan for 2023 is to do the national FIA F4 class."

For Ben, progressing beyond Formula Ford is the ultimate goal.

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