Kids love mayor's shiny necklace

KIDS say the funniest things.When the mayor of Felixstowe, Malcolm Minns, visited Fairfield Infants school, the children were in awe of his "shiny necklace" and even asked if he wore a crown.

KIDS say the funniest things.

When the mayor of Felixstowe, Malcolm Minns, visited Fairfield Infants school, the children were in awe of his "shiny necklace" and even asked if he wore a crown.

Mr Minns and his wife, Josephine, the mayoress, were shown around each class before sitting down to answer questions posed by the school's council.

They asked Mr Minns what jobs he did as mayor, how late at night he worked, what he ate at special banquets and if he went to council meetings in a "fancy restaurant".

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But the pupils at the Felixstowe school also showed how they liked their seaside town but were concerned about issues such as litter and safety.

When asked what he thought of the mayor, Joseph Pitcher, six, said: "He's funny, I like him, I like his chain. He wears the chain because he's very special."

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Daniel Long, six, said: "He's nice, he's good because he looks kind and smart."

Jordan Phillips, five, who outlined the mayor's job description, said: "He looks after everything, he looks after the town. He has got a shiny necklace because he looks after people and is very nice."

The school pupils also told the mayor what they liked about their home town. Daniel said he liked Felixstowe because it was nice and quiet: "There's no bombs or violence, lots of things to do like fairs, cinema, beach."

Poppy Yeo, four, said: "There's lots of toy shops, what I like about Felixstowe is there is lots of people and I like people."

However the pupils on the school council could see room for improvement.

Chelsea Sanders, six, said that to improve Felixstowe the town would have to ensure "people don't chuck rubbish on the floor when they don't find a bin".

She also wanted to "make sure everybody is nice" and to "make sure there is no burglaries and lots of police".

Daniel said to make Felixstowe a better place to live they could "raise money for sick people and babies being born with problems. We can clear litter and make an order to stop throwing litter".

Mr Minns told the children: "One day this will be your town, the grown ups are only looking after it so when you grow up it will be your responsibility so the more you think now and the more you do for your community the more confident you will be when you grow up.

"The trouble is in this town nearly all the people who are doing this work are very old and they want to see the encouragement of younger people taking interest so there may be an occasion when you can be helpful.

"It's lovely to see children that have got minds of their own and they're willing to express themselves."

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