Kirton/Trimley: Residents set to fight port business park project

AN ACTION group has been formed today by people in three villages to fight proposals for a massive �35million port logistics park on farmland.

The 200-acre project would be built right in the middle of the Felixstowe peninsula – putting container storage areas, haulage yards and distribution warehouses right next to the A14.

Opponents believe it is completely the wrong site for such a scheme and are worried about noise, traffic, floodlighting, loss of much-needed quality farmland, and the destruction of the rural nature of the peninsula.

They believe the park should be sited closer to the port – though landowners Trinity College, Cambridge, says land on or nearer the port is in short supply – or on sites further afield.

Now an action group has been set up, including members of Kirton, Trimley St Martin and Trimley St Mary parish councils, to monitor the project and ensure residents’ views are put forward every step of the way.

The park – which would be larger than the built-up area of Trimley St Mary – would be sited on the field alongside the A14 from the Brightwell turn-off to Old Kirton Road, bounded by Innocence Lane and Croft Lane.

Parish councillor Colin Jacobs, one of two councillors representing Trimley St Mary on the action group, said: “Although Trinity College says this plan is not imminent, we believe progress could be made rapidly and we need to be on our guard.

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“There are a number of concerns and all sorts of rumours flying around at the moment.

“One of the biggest fears is they will be looking for an easier way to get to the port and could drive a new road across the countryside to the northern part of the port.”

Trinity College has said the project is “long term”. So far only a first stage feasibility study has been done to see if it was possible to develop the land.

Tim Collins, a partner in Bidwells, agents for the college, said: “Finding extra port employment sites will be the number one issue for Felixstowe in the next few years.

“There will be a lot of discussion this year about how these sites are brought forward and will be something we continue to promote.”