Landlord tells of shock over arrest

TRUCK driver Steve Wright was described by friends as a quiet and well-presented man who was “extremely shy”.

TRUCK driver Steve Wright was described by friends as a quiet and well-presented man who was “extremely shy”.

The 48-year-old is thought to have grown up in Felixstowe. He met his partner, Pamela Wright, in the seaside town and the couple are believed to have married around five or six years ago.

The couple lived in a one bedroom flat in Bell Close, Ipswich, until a couple of months ago when they moved to a Victorian bedsit in the town's London Road.

Mr Wright worked as a truck driver at Felixstowe docks but was not employed by the port, it emerged.

The couple were regulars at Uncle Tom's Cabin in Vernon Street, Ipswich, when they lived at Bell Close.

Police have visited the pub within the last three days to collect CCTV footage captured on the premise's private security cameras.

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Edward Roberts and Sheila Davis, the pub's landlords, spoke of their shock yesterday at Mr Wright's arrest.

Two years ago the couple went on a four-day holiday with Mr Wright and his wife to Belfast in Northern Ireland.

Mr Roberts said: “I've had a quick word with his wife and she is in total devastation. She didn't say any more than that just that she knows it wasn't him.

“She said she knows he wouldn't hurt anybody and that this wasn't in his nature. I can quite believe that it's not in his nature.

“I've spent time with him and been on holiday with him and I'll be just as surprised as she will be.”

Miss Davis added: “They've been coming in for two-and-a-half to three years.

“They came in mostly at weekends. We have been on holiday with him. He is very quiet. He got on quite well with my mother in Ireland.”

Mr Roberts, 38, said Mr Wright owns a blue Mondeo car, loves golf and is a member of a local golf club, where he has played several tournaments.

“He is very quiet, always clean and tidy and very presentable,” he added.

“He's a Carlsberg drinker. He was a regular but not since they moved. His wife still comes in. He used to go to the betting shop. He always played on the machines.”

Another bar worker described him as “extremely shy”.

Mr Wright is believed to have a grown-up daughter from another relationship while Mrs Wright has a son who works as a chef and lives in France.

Miss Davis said she had never seen Tom Stephens, the first man arrested in connection with the inquiry.

Of Mr Wright's arrest, she added: “We were quite surprised. Shocked.”

Mr Wright's family still live in the Felixstowe area.

A relative said: “We just don't know anything at the moment. Can we leave it at that?”

Masters student Ian Everett moved into the flat Mr Wright formerly shared with his wife in Bell Close last month.

He said: “I'd heard he was a lorry driver. I moved in on November 25. The place was completely empty, not a trace of them.”

Another resident, who did not want to be named, said: “He was alright. He used to say hello.

“He's very tall. He's a biggish chap with fair hair. Nice chap, they're both nice people.”